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ELEKTRO Companies (Hip- Hop)

Being Chosen for an ELEKTRO company comes with commitment, dedication, hard work and teamwork. These teams travel out of state for multiple competitions each year. These teams have big shoes to fill following in the footsteps of Hip Hop International champions, reality TV dancers, and world choreographers that have been produced from previous ELEKTRO members.  ELEKTRO teams consist of multiple concept and dance video projects throughout the dance season as well as private training sessions with some of the best artists in the dance industry.


Elektrolytes Mega Crew is Elektro Dance Academy’s premiere adult professional dance company that competes and performs at the highest professional level around the country and abroad. Elektrolytes Mega Crew is made up of 20-30 professional dancers from all around the greater Phoenix area. Elektrolytes Mega Crew has won many competitions including Hip Hop World Dance Championships (2018), World of Dance Finals (2019), Collaboration (2017) and many more. Elektrolytes Mega Crew continues to compete at the toughest competitions in the world to make themselves known and to be the best!


Training/Included Hours

  • Monday 6-8pm

  • Tuesday 6-10pm

  • Wednesday 5-6pm

  • Saturdays 11am-2pm


Unbounded is Elektro Dance Academy’s advanced adult Hip Hop company that focuses on local performances and competitions. Made up of 15-20 dancers, Unbounded provides a place for dancers to hone their skills and continue to make strides in their dance career. Unbounded has competed and performed at events like The Rise Dance competition, World of Dance AZ, and Urban Street Jam. Unbounded continues to bring honor to the Elektro household name by working hard and being dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.



  • Monday 6-9:30pm 

  • Tuesday 6-7pm

  • Wednesday 5-6pm


Elektro Crew is Elektro Dance Academy’s premiere teen professional Hip Hop company that focuses on performances and competitions locally and nationally. Consisting of 25-30 teenagers, Elektro Crew trains continuously to prove that they are the best in the nation. Competing at the toughest competitions in the country, Elektro Crew is a force that continues to grow and dominate every competition set before them. Elektro Crew has competed at Hip Hop World Dance Championships, World of Dance, Collaboration, Prelude, and Max’t Out. Elektro Crew have also had dancers premiere on NBC’s World of Dance seasons 2 and 3.



  • Monday 5-8pm

  • Tuesday 4-7pm

  • Wednesday 5-9pm 

  • $80 monthly


Limitless is Elektro Dance Academy’s advanced teen Hip Hop company that focuses on local competitions and performances. Limitless continues to train and grow in all hip hop dance styles and acts as a feeder company to our professional teenage dance company, Elektro Crew. Consisting of 20-25 teenagers, Limitless has competed at Hip Hop World Dance Championship, World of Dance, Hip Hop International, and local studio competitions such as In10sity and Celebrity.



  • Monday 5-7pm

  • Tuesday 4-7pm

  • Wednesday 5-8:30pm


Elektro Kidz is Elektro Dance Academy's kid crew that focuses on fun and the love of Hip Hop dance! Consisting of 5-10 kids, Elektro Kids primary goal is to build foundational knowledge of Hip Hop and retain fundamental skills in popping, locking, b-boying, b-girling, and new style hip hop dance trends. Elektro Kids performs at local events and competes at local studio competitions. 



  • Monday 4-6pm

  • Wednesday 4-5:30pm

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